Saturday, 24 April 2010


What an incredible weekend!, thanks to everyone who made it to Manchester to play, ref, cheer, drink, eat & have fun.

Final Results
1st Cosmic 3 LDN
2nd Rotten Apples LDN
3rd BAD Polo LDN

MVP Josh - Polo Fiasco

Watch the Cosmic3 Vs Rotten Apples final here:

Full Rankings

1 Cosmic 3 LDN
2 Rotten Apples LDN
3 BAD Polo LDN
4 Malice LDN
5 La Schmoove LDN
6 Polo Fiasco LDN
7 3 Beards 1 Cup LDN
7 Fen Boy 3 CAM
9 Massive Cogs LDN
10 Netto Superstars MCR
11 Two Beer Rule MCR
12 Los CoƱos LDN
13 Cream CAM
14 Sparkle Motion LDN
16 Gnarly Bones LDN/LDN/MCR
17 3 Guys, 10 Eyes CAM
18 Black Rebel LDN
20 Black Stabbath BRM
21 Three Less Toffs (no-show) OXF
22 SoYo Polo-Co SHF
23 UK Champions LDN/LDN/FR
24 Brighton BRI
25 Doomallets MCR
26 Hip Replacements MCR
27 Le Mallets Jaune MCR
28 Sneakinsters LDN/DE
29 Newcastle NEW
30 Edinburgh Fixed Gear EDN
31 B Team (Birmingham) BRM

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hell Yeah... !

who says it always rains in Manchester...? looking good for the weekend..


The Cantgoslo boys just got our tees back from the printers and whisked them straight off to have CGS tags stitched in ready for the tourney. So i've not even had a chance to get a photo of them yet! We've got a very limited run of 50 tees available to buy over the weekend for just £12 each.

Belk Bags!!

We've got plenty of prizes from our generous sponsors (thanks everyone) but these are the ones we really wanted to keep for ourselves.... Belk have hand-made 3 of their simple sling bags which will go to the winners of the UK Champs... !!! Thanks guys....

I Can Haz Prizes?

Just sorted out the haul for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & MVP prizes... Still need the Belk bags to add but there are gonna be some people with very full (Belk?) bags after Sunday....

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Finally got the flyers & posters away to be printed...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Rotate the circle until you find your team name, you'll be playing the 2 teams above and 2 teams below at the UK Championships.

Download a PDF of the circle: HERE

Once everyone has played their games the top ranking 8 teams will go on to a single elimination tournament to decide the winner!

Many thanks to Gabes for his work on the circle... Cider coming your way at the UK Champs..